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Wyoming Right To Life sent out Candidate Questionnaires.  All of the candidates are listed below with those receiving endorsements highlighted in red. Those receiving "recommendations" are designated in green.

QR = Questionnaire received, please check your legislator's name to read his/her questionnaire in the PDF format. 
DNR = Did Not Reply ( to the questionnaire)
Endorsed = perfect or nearly perfect questionnaire, plus other criteria considered such as voting record, personal interviews, well known to some or most of our officers and board members. 

Recommended = generally good responses to questionnaire, basically family friendly but might have not met quite all of the other criteria as well as those who are endorsed and/or are much closer to the party platform than his/her opponent(s) or in one or two cases did not return the questionnaire becasuse he/she does not do any questionnaires but is generally favorable to our causes. 

HD 01 DNR Republican Mark A. Semlek
HD  02 DNR Republican Hans Hunt
HD 03 reply-no ques. Republican Eric Barlow
HD 04 DNR Republican Dan R. Kirkbride
HD 05 DNR Republican Matt Teeters
HD 06 QR Republican Richard L Cannady
HD 07 QR Endorsed Republican Sue Wilson
HD 07 DNR Democratic Joe Fender
HD 08 DNR Republican Bob Nicholas
HD 08 DNR Democratic Kathleen Petersen
HD 09 DNR Republican David L Zwonitzer
HD 10 DNR Republican John Eklund
HD 11 QR Endorsed Republican Jerry Zellars
HD 11 DNR Democratic Mary A. Throne
HD 12 QR Republican David S. Kniseley
HD 12 DNR Democratic Lee R. Filer
HD 13 DNR Democratic Cathy Connolly
HD 14 DNR Republican Kermit C. Brown
HD 14 DNR Democratic Tim Nyquist
HD 15 pending Republican Donald Burkhart
HD 15 DNR Democratic George Bagby
HD 16 DNR Republican Bob Biolchini
HD 16 DNR Republican Ruth Ann Petroff
HD 17 DNR Republican Stephen Watt
HD 17 DNR Democratic JoAnn Dayton
HD 18 DNR Republican Kathleen Davison
HD 19 QR Endorsed Republican Allen M. Jaggi
HD 20 DNR Republican Albert Sommers
HD 21 QR Endorsed Republican Robert McKim
HD 22 called, recommended Republican Marti Halverson
HD 23 DNR Republican Keith Gingery
HD 24 DNR Republican Sam Krone
HD 25 DNR Republican Dave Blevins
HD 26 DNR Republican Elaine D Harvey
HD 27 DNR Republican Mike Greear
HD 28 QR Endorsed Republican Nathan Winters
HD 28 DNR Democratic Connie Skates
HD 29 DNR Republican John W. Patton
HD 30 DNR Republican Kathy Coleman
HD 31 DNR Republican Tom Lubnau
HD 32 DNR Republican Norine A. Kasperik
HD 33 DNR Republican Jim Allen
HD 33 DNR Democratic W. Patrick Goggles
HD 34 QR Endorsed Republican Rita Campbell
HD 35 QR  Endorsed Republican Kendell Kroeker
HD 36 QR Endorsed Republican Gerald Gay
HD 37 DNR Republican Steve Harshman
HD 38 DNR Republican Tom Walters
HD 39 DNR Democratic Stan Blake
HD 40 QR Endorsed Republican Michael Madden
HD 41 QR Endorsed Republican Donna K. Roofe
HD 41 DNR Democratic Ken A. Esquibel
HD 42 QR Endorsed Republican Lynn Hutchings
HD 42 DNR Democratic Gary L. Datus
HD 43 DNR Republican Dan Zwonitzer
HD 44 QR Endorsed Republican Tom Zachary
HD 44 reply-no ques. Democratic James W. Byrd
HD 45 DNR Republican Matt Greene
HD 45 DNR Democratic Tony Mendoza
HD 46 DNR Republican Glenn Moniz
HD 46 DNR Democratic Kennedy Penn-O'Toole
HD 47 DNR Republican Jerry Paxton
HD 48 DNR Republican Mark Baker
HD 48 DNR Democratic Joseph M. Barbuto
HD 49 QR Endorsed Republican Garry C. Piiparinen
HD 50 QR Republican David Northrup
HD 51 DNR Republican Rosie Berger
HD 52 DNR Republican Sue Wallis
HD 53 DNR Republican Gregg Blikre
HD 54 QR Endorsed Republican Lloyd Charles Larsen
HD 54 DNR Democratic Bruce Palmer
HD 55 DNR Republican David R. Miller
HD 55 DNR Democratic Sherry Shelley
HD 56 QR Republican Tim Stubson
HD 57 reply-no ques. Republican Thomas A. Lockhart
HD 58 QR Endorsed Republican Tom Reeder
HD 59 QR Endorsed Republican Carl R. "Bunky" Loucks
HD 59 DNR Democratic Mike Gilmore
HD 60 DNR Democratic John L. Freeman

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